The ghost of Judy is back(!) in Saskatoon from August 14th to 18th of 2012 for an Eat Your Art Out, Judy! art exhibition at AKA Gallery entitled “DYS/LOCATED: The Site of the Queer Body.”

Check out info about DYS/LOCATED now.
EYAO-J! is a multidisciplinary, re-occurring festival that uncovers and celebrates queer art, activism and culture in Saskatchewan. We understand queer as “nonnormative logics and organizations of community, sexual identity, embodiment, and activity in time and space,” (Halberstam, 2005, p. 6) both including and exceeding LGBT2Q identities.  Founders Ryan and Humboldt first conjured Judy’s ghost in August 2011 to expose isolation, then addressed disconnection through a theme of “Queer Love” in February 2012 to build bridges across communities by opening space for visibility, belonging, and social commentary through art.  The last event was an initiative of The Avenue Community Centre in partnership with the USSU Pride Centre, involved more than 50 artists and performers, and the events had over 800 in attendance.  We hope to build on that in DYS/LOCATED as we explore the queer body.

We hope you enjoy everything Eat Your Art Out, Judy! offers, make lots of new queer friends, and leave just a little bit more fabulous!

Judy Arts Collective: Jenna B., Ryan D., Humboldt M., & Paul M.

EYAO-J!  has historically been supported by The Avenue Community Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, Saskatoon’s community organization for gender, sexuality, health, and LGBTQ issues. (www.avenuecommunitycentre.ca – Need to talk to someone? Call 665-1224 or 1-800-358-1833 now.)


Halberstam, J.  (2005).  In a queer time and place: Transgender bodies, subcultural lives.  New York, NY: New York University Press.


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